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    ASX: DHOF introduction webinar

    Webinar date: 27 October and 3 November Sydney time

    eInvest is excited to be quoting a new Active ETF on the 3rd of November: ASX:DHOF

    The Daintree Hybrids Opportunity Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX:DHOF) represents a new era in hybrid portfolios. Offering global and local hybrid diversification, advance risk management, institutional active management and competitive fees, join these webinars to find out more about this new portfolio.

    Brad Dunn, Portfolio Manager, will cover:

    • The argument for global and local hybrids
    • How the Portfolio Managers manage risk, construct the portfolio and select securities to reach the target of 3.5-4.5 % p.a above the RBA cash rate
    • How ASX:DHOF compares to other hybrid alternatives
    • The key terms, features and details you need to know

    Webinar dates: Wednesday 27 October at Sydney time and launch day, Wednesday 3 November at 11am Sydney time.

    Q&A will be enabled so use this time to ask Brad your burning questions

    Disclaimer: This webinar is for general information purposes and is not financial advice. Always seek your own advice and read the PDS at  Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.