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    Important distribution information

    Important information about your distributions

    Important Distribution information

    All our active ETFs pay distributions throughout the year. You can either elect to participate in the Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) or to have your distributions paid into your bank account.

    Whilst many clients do nominate their preferred distribution method, some clients do not. We are required to inform all clients of a change in the PDS details regarding distribution instructions for those clients who do not give us enough information regarding their distribution nomination.

    Going forward from February 2020 distribution,  if you do not nominate your preferred distribution method or have selected to pay your distribution into a bank account and have not provided us with sufficient details to allow us to make the payment (such as your bank account details), this will be taken to be a direction to reinvest your distributions and participate in the DRP. To read about the DRP, you can find more information here: Dividend Reinvestment Plan

    For investors in EIGA, IMPQ, ECOR, EMAX

    You can change your preferred distribution method in the eInvest active ETFs at any time by contacting LINK with the details below:

    Alternatively, you can contact Link Market Services on 1300 554 474 or via email [email protected] should you wish to speak to someone in person.

    For investors in DHOF

    You can change your preferred distribution method at any time by completing the ‘Change of Investor Details form found here and return the completed form to [email protected].

    Alternatively you can contact OneVue Services at 1300 011 088 or via email at [email protected].