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ECAS August Monthly Report & Update

  • August saw further outperformance from credit markets. Locally, non-financial bonds were the main driver. Meanwhile, bank senior spreads have surpassed their pre-Covid tights.
  • Offshore credit markets continue to be driven by lower-rated issues, as investors seek yield. Companies are taking advantage, and primary issuance volumes remain high.
  • Investors began to consider the potential for future inflation more seriously during August, and accordingly long bonds were under pressure. We continue to see asymmetric risk in longer tenor interest rates and remain comfortable with our portfolios holding very little duration risk.
Month (%)Quarter (%)1 Year (% p.a.)Since Inception* (%)
eInvest Cash Booster Fund (ECAS)0.060.26-0.73
RBA Cash Rate0.020.06-0.37
Excess Return0.040.20-0.37

^Inception date for the eInvest Cash Booster Fund was 12 November 2019. Performance shown above are net of fees. Fund returns are calculated using net asset value per unit of the underlying fund at the start and end of the specified period and do not reflect the brokerage or the bid/ask spread that investors incur when buying and selling 


ECAS Fund and Investment Objective 

ECAS provides investors with regular monthly income. ECAS invests in APRA regulated Authorised Deposit Taking Institutions as well as a range of high quality, investment-grade bonds and floating rate notes.

ECAS aims to provide investors a high level of capital stability over the short term, by investing in a diversified portfolio of cash and short-term money market and fixed income securities, and to provide a total return (after fees) that exceeds the RBA Cash Rate by 50 basis points measured annually.

Key Statistics  
  • Modified duration: 0.09
  • Portfolio Yield: 0.55
  • Average Credit Quality: A-1
  • Management Cost: 0.15% (incl of GST and RITC)
  • Inception Date: 12 November 2019
  • Monthly Cash Income: ECAS had a distribution of $0.03125 in August 2020

To read more about eInvest Cash Booster Fund (Managed Fund) Code: ECAS, click here.

Interested in purchasing units in the fund? Contact your financial adviser or simply purchase via your online broker, and as always read the PDS for more information. This can be found here. 

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Please read the PDS prior to investing. This information is general in nature and is subject to the terms and conditions outlined here.