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    Our Team

    Camilla Love
    Managing Director

    Camilla founded eInvest in 2017 on the back of over 17 years industry experience. Camilla is passionate about getting Australians better invested and through eInvest this is her goal. She encourages more women to enter the finance industry and loves to share her passion about the industry with the next generation.

    Camilla has jumped out of a plane twice, likes to ski off high mountains and loves a good laugh (one ‘Who’s line is it anyway’ episode at a time).

    Tamas Calderwood
    Distributions Specialist

    Tamas joined eInvest in 2019 and has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry between Sydney, London and New York. Tamas believes that ETFs are a powerful disruptor in the investment landscape and their increasing adoption will help to break down many of the complicated barriers and obstacles that have made investing far too difficult for millions of Australians.

    At eInvest, Tamas will focus on advisers, platforms and dealer groups to ensure the widest possible audience for our ETFs.Tamas also loves the ocean, both as a surf lifesaver and competitive (for his age group!) swimmer.

    Jodi Pettersen
    Jodi Pettersen
    Investor Relations

    Jodi focuses on investor relations spanning across sales, client communications, product marketing, demand generation, brand, content, customer experience, events, content, automation and digital strategy and is the left handed creative weirdo at eInvest. Jodi’s experience spans 9 years, mostly in institutional funds management distribution having also sharpened her teeth in financial advisory and management consulting.

    Jodi is also an avid supporter of the arts and has the “very serious” role of “Bed Leader” at her local community garden.

    head shot
    Anna Gillings
    Associate Investment Specialist

    Anna is a recent Commerce Graduate and has joined eInvest with a passion for Finance. Anna’s role focuses on client services, particularly internal & external reporting, assisting in sales & marketing to reach new client target markets and opportunities. Anna’s previously roles in Financial Planning and Hospitality have encouraged a love for building meaningful client relationships.

    Anna in her time off is likely to be found: at the gym, trying a new restaurant or listening to a podcast on a nice walk.

    Zaffar Subedar
    Zaffar Subedar
    Investment Specialist

    Zaffar joined eInvest in 2021 and has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry and academia. Zaffar believes that active ETFs will appeal to many financial advisers and individual investors who are seeking flexibility, choice and transparency in building their portfolios.

    At eInvest, Zaffar will focus on working with advisers and researchers in expanding our footprint in the market. In his spare time, Zaffar enjoys getting off the beaten track and furthering his knowledge of behavioural finance (his PHD subject area).