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    Income Generator

    What is it?

    eInvest Income Generator is a portfolio of Australian shares providing you with an attractive level of tax effective income, paid monthly.

    What does Income Generator aim do?

    It aims to provide you a regular, monthly income. We do this by aiming for a gross yield (adjusted for franking credits and before fees) above that provided by the S&P/ASX 300 Franking Credit Adjusted Annual Total Return Index (Tax-Exempt).

    Why we like it, and you should too?
    • The portfolio invests in companies with growing dividend streams
    • It offers you diversification – portfolio of 30-35 quality stocks
    • We invest based on fundamentals and valuation – we are not only just chasing yield for yield’s sake
    • It has a focus on capital preservation and balance sheet strength – we aim to avoid the disasters
    • The portfolio gathers true cash yields – There is no financial engineering involved here. We like to keep it simple.
    • The manager has a long-term track record – 11 year track record of high income, as well as total return outperformance
    • Putting the portfolio together is done simply and easy to understand and explain – It is not reliant on complex derivative strategies

    Overall, we think it’s an ideal component of your income-generating portfolio

    Is it right for me?

    Are you seeking monthly tax-effective income distributions, and the possibility of long-term capital growth from a diversified portfolio of quality Australian shares? If so, it could be right for you.

    In particular, it is suited to investors in the pension and superannuation phase who are seeking a greater level of income than that achieved by term deposits and are able to take full advantage of franking credits and share buybacks that the investments can provide.

    As with any investment in the equities market, the portfolio may go up and down according to market movements. It is important to view this investment over the long-term, over a time frame of 5 or more years.

    Remember to read the PDS before investing.

    Who is the investment manager?

    Perennial is the investment manager for this portfolio. Founded in 2000, Perennial has over 15 investment professionals all focused on analysing and investing in Australian companies. Like eInvest, it is a majority employee-owned firm, ensuring that their interests are aligned with yours.

    Importantly, Perennial has a very long-term track record in successfully managing clients’ money for over 17 years and are very good at managing income-oriented share portfolios.

    How does Perennial invest?

    Perennial focuses on:

    1. Making sure that the portfolio’s stock selection is driven by fundamentals

    The investment team focuses on putting together a number of quality businesses that:

    • Can grow their earnings and dividends over time – growing companies grow their dividends – it’s important.
    • Are trading at reasonable valuations. We don’t like to pay for expensive companies.
    • Have strong balance sheets. Capital preservation is really important to us.
    1. The portfolio’s income is enhanced by really simple things such as:
    • Tilting the portfolio towards higher dividend paying companies
    • Increasing the weights to those companies ahead of dividend paying periods.
    • Participating in off market buybacks

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