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    Giant Jenga

    Top 5 takeaways from the SMSF conference

    eInvest sponsored the SMSF Association Advisor conference 2019 that was held in Melbourne. We spent all day talking to the financial advisors that work with SMSF’s (Self Managed Super Funds) and got a good insight as to what they and their clients were needing.

    Here’s what we learnt
    1. Monthly Income: Everyone loves monthly income. Retirees pay their bills on a monthly basis. Why wouldn’t they want their investments to distribute returns on a monthly basis? At eInvest we were really proud to be able to talk about our eInvest Income Generator Fund (managed fund) and some new fixed income products coming to market, all of which aim to distribute monthly.
    2. Franking Credits: Some advisors felt the public was “jumping at shadows” when it came to the recent changes franking credit policy proposed by the Labor party. Arguing that these changes will have to get through two tiers of parliament and may take many years to come to fruition, if at all.But is this so? It all depends on the makeup of the senate and how much a majority Labor (potentially) gets at the next federal election. Jeremy Cooper argues that Labor’s changes aren’t being led with super in mind but driven by ideology, budget or wealth re-distribution.
    3. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance driven investing): Many advisors reported that they were looking for good quality solutions for their socially conscious clients. Surprisingly, we didn’t witness many other investment managers making a big noise about ESG. We are excited to launch the eInvest Future Impact Small Caps fund very soon to meet the demand of these clients.It feels good to be on the pulse of the industry.
    4. Royal Commission impacts: The Royal Commission dominated conversation. Over time it is expected that the industry will move to the individual who is licenced as planner (as opposed to the dealer group who employs the planner). The idea is that the planner’s track record will follow them as they move between financial practices and they are more responsible for their conduct.
    5. Jenga was and always will be the best lawn game ever (an inside joke for those who were there).