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    My investing journey as a 21-year-old graduate

    We asked Anna Gillings, our Associate Investment Specialist and recent graduate, how she started investing. Her investment journey is inspiring, imagine if we all started so young! 

    Remember, this is Anna’s personal journey. Her life and circumstances might be vastly different from yours. This article is not financial advice. Always seek your own advice and read the TMD and PDS of anything you invest in. 


    I made my first investment when I was 19, in the ASX 200. At the time, I had heard it was a nicely diversified investment that didn’t have too much risk, which I thought was great considering I wasn’t too informed myself. As I started to regularly check my stock account and investment, I grew my portfolio by further investing in ETFs, which I saw as a great way to invest in a lot of companies, without having to pick them myself. Later I learned even more about ETFs and how exceptional they were as investment opportunities. I was lucky enough to work on an ETF project during an internship, then joining the eInvest team, providing active ETFs across Australia. Initially I thought ETFs were great diversifying investments, which grew my interest, however after investing, I have seen the passive nature of many funds. Working on active ETFs at eInvest, made me more excited to invest and grow my knowledge. Active ETFs create an attractive opportunity to capture and embody the skills of experienced investment specialists into your portfolio, by simply trading any time, on any day, on the ASX or your chosen trading platform.

    Finishing university, I was interested in the world of Crypto, purely because of the exposure I had to it on social media platforms, especially Tik Tok… I learnt about the crypto options, those that were random and completely made up, and those that were backed by multi-million-dollar companies that increased the level of conviction in the coin. Although crypto has shown to be extremely unpredictable, I have seen my portfolio -50% and up 70% over the course of 8 months, it has been interesting to learn about, and almost fun to be involved in a silly coin like Doge.

    Once starting at eInvest, the knowledge I gained on active ETFs was so important. I instantly looked towards more actively managed ETF options and was able to invest in our own products. I first invested in IMPQ, our ESG focused fund. IMPQ provides amazing returns as a fund, whilst meeting impeccable ESG standards in comparison to our peers. This fund has won impressive awards in the ESG space, and that has become extremely important to me. I noticed its robustness throughout the year, seeing the low volatility in market turmoil compared to many of my other passive investments, which only excited me more and made me glad to be apart of it.

    With an unbiased opinion, I have over ½ of my savings in IMPQ, with no plans of changing. The returns are constantly above that of my other passive investments, and I know the simplistic nature of ETFs create an easy to trade environment, which gives me comfort as a young investor to know I always have liquidity in an emergency situation. I know that I can trade easily and ETFs take out the hard work of looking for individual stocks, because I trust the fund managers who actively manage market opportunities, and I feel comfortable creating a diversified portfolio, and avoid being confined to individual stock picking.

    Let’s see what she invests in next.


    Disclaimer: Please note that these are the views of the writer, Anna Gillings, Associate Investment Specialist at eInvest and is not financial advice.  To find out how to invest in our active ETFs, visit here. The product disclosure statement, TMD and more can be found at If you’d like to keep learning further, please feel free to follow any of our socials listed below.