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    Camilla at EAS ECOR EMAX launch

    Leaning into Angels

    At eInvest, we are all about redefining, renewal and rediscovery. Innovation and technology are at our core and as a result I’ve been leaning into learning more about angel investing over the past few months. I super interested in the fintech, healthtech and edutech sectors at the moment. There is so much going on in these segments and it’s really exciting for technology, customers and delivery of services. Given my interest, I’m reading a lot in this segment including:

    Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

    This is the story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. Whilst we now know the outcome of this story and, yes there is still some way to go here, what I can say is that hindsight is always a good thing. I was audibly shocked in a number of points throughout this book. The whistleblowers were up against it from the start. Im more the wiser, and probably more skeptical, from reading this book.

    Angel by Jason Calacanis

    The angel investing bible. Jason’s no holes barred account of his failures, successes and more failures is great. It’s a real learning curve. A relatively easy read. Excuse all the $!#* – he’s passionate 😉

    Blitzscaling by LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman. 

    Whilst I’m only halfway through, this is an interesting read from a business, marketing and investment perspective. I’ve been listening to his Masters of Scale podcast for a long time and I get a lot out of it. It’s really entertaining. Blitzscaling is a reasonably heavy book to read so I’m doing it in bits and pieces. 

    Zero to One by Peter Theil

    Zero to One is also on my summer reading list. I’ve been recommended this to read as part of my education into the angel sector. Excited about getting into this read during my traveling downtime.

    Many people who know me know I’m a also avid podcast listener. My favourites are:

    • Freakonomics – always great!
    • How I built this – I always enjoy the stories of people building and managing businesses.
    • Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell – I love this podcast in respect that it is taking a historical event and seeing it from a different perspective. The recent series was great. I loved the episodes Puzzle Rush and Tortoise and the Hare. It made me take look at a few things very differently.  Enlightening.