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    Why Invest Woman Bright Lights Future

    Invest with purpose. Why do you Invest?

    Why do I invest? The simple answer would be “to make my money grow” but upon reflection, the reasons for investing are more nuanced and have everything to do with defining my own future.

    I invest because I work too hard to not have my money working for me
    They say “work to live not live to work”, a concept I generally agree with. The same approach also applies to personal finances. I “invest to live” by making sure my personal wealth is working as hard as I am. I can take days off, but I want my money to work 24/7.

    I invest so I don’t worry
    The world is uncertain and the job security of the future is almost certainly going to be different from the past. With the average person changing career seven times in their life, I like that my investments are diverse and beyond the industry that I work in. It diversifies the risk of my current role and allows me to participate in the growth of industries outside of my own. I may never be the next tech wiz, but my investments can enjoy the ride.

    I invest so I have the freedom to make choices
    My future self may like to retire early, or give generously, or travel extensively, or all three! These possibilities excite me. Investing today may seem boring, but I see it as a long term investment in my personal fulfillment.

    A motto I try to live by (but forget when there are Tim Tams around) is to “do today what tomorrow will thank you for”. What would “future you” do if you invested today?


    Jodi is a millennial investor and an investment relations consultant at Einvest. This article is the opinion of the author and is not financial advice. Speak to your financial advisor or broker for more information. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you. Don’t forget to always read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the active ETF you are invested in.