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    stay sane

    How to stay sane during a pandemic while monitoring financial markets

    Working in financial markets, like we do here at eInvest, is a privilege. We can do our jobs from home for the most part, which is something we don’t take for granted. It also means we can’t hideaway and deep dive into Netflix, as it is a part of our job to follow and understand financial markets especially when the news is ever-changing, unprecedented and material to the outcome of our entire economy. So while we would sometimes like to hole up on the couch and binge watch Tiger King, I asked the rest of my colleagues how they stay sane while staying atop financial markets and avoid unnecessary anxiety.

    Camilla Love

    I take a deep breath. Recalibrate and smile and realise that we are in a better place than many people offshore. I look for the opportunities in the everyday. I like talking to portfolio managers – it really cuts the BS.

    Tamas Calderwood

    Well, my wife bought a dog…  and I love the funny memes doing the rounds.  They show that while this global pandemic is serious stuff, we’re all in it together and people are still able to have a laugh.

    Corora Meme
    George Whiting

    There has been an amazing amount of intellectual content produced in the last month. I like to follow the thought leadership of people I admire.

    What I do:

    I limit the amount of news I read, only in the mornings. I really appreciate our team meetings as they are an opportunity to discuss the latest news, but also we collectively try to maintain focus on the long term. I remind myself daily that we are investors, not traders. There’s a big difference.

    Stay sane out there, folks.

    Disclaimer: Please note that these are the views of the writer, Jodi Pettersen, Investor Relations at eInvest and is not financial advice.

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