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    Fire Fighting

    From Fixed Income to Fire Fighting

    All the ETFs issued by eInvest are active ETFs, meaning that the investments held in each ETF portfolio are chosen and managed by real people. One of these people is Brad Dunn, one of the Senior Credit Analysts at Daintree Capital, the team managing our three active fixed income ETFs – ECAS, ECOR and EMAX.  When Brad is not analysing the credit market, he is a volunteer firefighter with the Rural Fire Service in Westleigh, Sydney. Jodi sat down with Brad to learn just what it is like to be an RFS volunteer.

    So Brad, when did you become a volunteer fire fighter and what is involved? 

    I joined in June 2019 and undertook about four months of training. Our job is to be ready to respond as the second line of defence behind NSW Fire and Rescue in metropolitan situations, or to be part of primary response units for bushfires in Sydney and surrounds. At the heart of it, our training is focused on working as a team and ensuring the safety of ourselves, each other, and the public. Operating a hose and pump is the easy part!

    How much time have you spent fighting the fires near Sydney?

    Three times so far. Most recently, out past Lithgow, we were tasked with keeping a fire on one side of a road (containment line). The fire was visible and all it takes is wind and one ember to cross the line for a new fire to emerge. We were part of a strike team with 19 trucks. It’s not the most exciting story but offensive/proactive firefighting is important for protecting communities.

    What is different about the current bushfires than those previously experienced in Australia?

    This fire is unique as there are so many fires all at once. Normally they are more spread out. It means that our resources have been particularly stretched this season.

    What is it that you have learnt or appreciated being a volunteer fire fighter?

    I really like how everyone on the truck gets a say. It is very collaborative. I have also been reminded just how big our country is. More importantly, seeing how the communities have responded in the places we have helped has shown me just how valuable the work that all the volunteer services can be. As I’m sure my RFS colleagues would agree, a little bit of generosity can go a long way!

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