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    ECAS, ECOR and EMAX now available on Nabtrade

    Greater access

    A pleasing update from eInvest, the eInvest Cash Booster, Core Income and Income Maximiser (Managed Funds) (Codes: ECAS, ECOR and EMAX) are now all available to trade via Nabtrade . eInvest General Manager, Camilla Love, explains:

    “Investors have been hounding us to make these Active ETFs available on Nabtrade, a very popular trading platform. We are excited to increase the access of these Active ETFs for all Australian investors.”

    Actively managed fixed income ETFs are a relatively new development, with only a handful avaialble in Australia.

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    Disclaimer: Please note that these are the views of the writer, Jodi Pettersen, Investor Relations at eInvest and is not financial advice.

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