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    The power of Dad

    Dad: inheriting more than his genes

    As Father’s day approaches this weekend, the eInvest team made a realisation. Our Dad influenced each of our first investments.

    It seems that we don’t just inherit our Dad’s hair colour, height or football team, but we often inherit our Dad’s values, ideas and approaches when it comes to investing.

    Role modelling

    How your parents approach money is often the first way you learn how to invest. For Jodi at eInvest, her Dad bough her a bar of silver. For Tamas, his Dad bought some Woolsworths shares. They now both work in finance, trying to provide awesome solutions to investors. Perhaps their Dad’s did something right!

    Introducing kids to saving and investing early is a great way for Dad’s to be a good financial role model. Talking about money around the dinner table, in a healthy manner, can demonstrate that investing is a normal thing to do, and not something scary.

    What to do if you don’t have an investment Dad

    Not everyone has an investment Dad. Perhaps you never want to repeat their financial mistakes or you just don’t have them around to seek their advice. That’s ok, there are other ways that you can seek our a positive role model when it comes to investing. Hiring a good financial advisor is a good start as they can tailor the advice to your specific circumstances. It might also be worth speaking with friends who seem to have their act together and ask what they do. Podcasts such as My Millennial Money are also very helpful.

    So this Father’s day, consider where your dad’s investment advice has gotten you. If it has been good advice, thank him! If not, consider seeking out other role models. Investing isn’t scary or difficult. It’s actually quite empowering.

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