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    Robot dogs and WWII rewritten: Tamas’ summer reading picks

    Tamas Calderwood, Distribution Specialist at eInvest and regular contributor to Insights at eInvest, shares his summer reading picks including favourite books, channels and podcasts. He even includes some recommendations for kids!

    Finding inspiration and insight beyond the pages of the AFR or Wall Street Journal probably makes us better investors, or hopefully more interesting people!



    YouTube tech channels

    Marque Brownlee at MKBHD – solid tech reviews and check out the review of Boston Dynamic’s new robot dog.  What could possibly go wrong?  13.2m subscribers

    Unbox therapy.  More tech reviews with 17.6m subscribers.  Like the name suggests, right out of the box reviews…

    Mrwhosetheboss – 6m subscribers for a guy who quit his job to do Youtube smartphone reviews.  Awesome.

    Non tech on YouTube:

    Mark Felton Productions – Author and historian Mark Felton makes short videos on the various battles and campaigns of WWII.  Fascinating stuff.

    Binkov’s Battlegrounds – ever wondered if China could invade Australia?  Could Russia take Japan?  Binkov’s quirky series looks at all the numbers, equipment and strategies behind the hypotheticals.  Love it!

    For the kids:

    PJ Masks – a great French/British kids superhero program that my 4-year-old thinks is both awesome and hilarious.

    TwentyTrucks – 4 year olds who love construction equipment LOVE these truck tunes

    Summer reading picks: Books

    The Second World Wars by Victor Davis Hanson.

    VDH proves that the telling of the WWII story is not complete.  He takes us through the series of small border wars fought by Germany that culminated in Operation Barbarossa, the attack on Pearl Harbor and Germany’s declaration of war on the US that finally gave it the label WWII.  Given the forces arrayed against them, what were Germany and Japan thinking?

    America Before by Graham Hancock

    Did we domesticate agriculture 12,000 years ago?  Or are we missing a previous civilization that was wiped out by the Younger Dryas Impact Event?  And how do we explain Gobekli Tepe, built more than 12,000 years ago?  Hancock explores our deep past and raises some serious questions.


    Joe Rogan, now on Spotify.  There is a reason he gets hundreds of millions of downloads per month.

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