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    christmas gift idea

    Christmas Gift guide for Investors

    Welcome to the inaugural eInvest 2020 Christmas Gift Guide. As we team up with professional investment managers to manage our Active ETFs, we are lucky to be surrounded by intellectual, intelligent investors. Have you got someone in your life who likes to invest? Or perhaps really should be? This Christmas Gift guide for investors could help. All our recommendations are inspired by the conversations, content and ideas we have had throughout the year.

    For the newbie investors

    1. Consider gifting new investors shares in a company or help them diversify by gifting them units in an ETF! This article by Finder is a good place to start to understand the steps to take to do this. Visit the eInvest website to check out our range of active ETFs to see what might be suitable for the newbie investor in your life.
    2. A must read for the whole investment team, a subscription to the Australian Financial Review is a great daily habit for understanding the economy, business trends and news.
    3. Notice how we don’t have “how to invest” books on the list: we don’t think you need to buy a book! Sign yourself or a loved one up to our “ETF investment guide” or share our favourite article “what are ETFs and why we prefer Active ETFs”.

    For the established investors

    1. The Queen’s Gambit has been a Netflix instant hit. Chess = strategic thinking. This gorgeous lucite chess set is a favourite.

    Chess: a good gift for investors

    2. A reminder to keep the long term in mind with this fun “Buy and Hold” mug.

    Buy and hold: a gift for investors

    3. Portfolio Manager favourite reads

    • Stephen Bruce: “The new Tzar: The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin” by former NY times Moscow correspondent Steven Lee Myers. It is a biography, charting Putin’s rise from humble beginnings, via an unspectacular career as a low-level KGB officer, through the political ranks of the new post-communist Russia to where he is today. It follows his progress but also puts it into the context of the massive changes that occurred, and are still occurring in Russia following the fall of the Soviet Empire.
    • Jodi Pettersen: “Red Notice” by Bill Browder. A true story that reads like a crime thriller. It covers Bill’s journey from an early investor in Russia after the fall of the soviet union, to being targeted by Putin and finally becoming an important human rights activist. An entertaining read that demonstrates how investing, politics and human rights intersect.
    • Simon Wang: “Big Mistakes, The Best Investors and Their Worst Investments”. Michael Batnick is the Director of Research at Ritholtz Wealth Management with a widely followed blog and co-hosted finance podcast. The book explores the ways in which the most famous investors have failed, revealing the lessons learned that shaped more successful strategies going forward. Investing can be a rollercoaster of highs and lows and the stories of different investors illustrate the simple but overlooked concept that investing is hard, whether you’re managing a few thousand dollars or a few billion, failures and losses are part of the game.

    Circular Economy, High impact

    1. We are so inspired by the Ocean Cleanup Project, a project that is removing waste from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. We recognise the move towards a circular economy, an important theme of our Active ETF IMPQ. These sunglasses are something pretty special: they are the first-ever product to be made with plastic certified from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

    circular economy: sunglasses made from ocean plastic

    Something silly

    1. In commemoration of one of our most popular articles one the eInvest website, “Tesla and the soft dictatorship of the Index” by Tamas Calderwood, this candle is good for a laugh.

    funny elon musk candle

    We hope you have enjoyed this Christmas Gift Guide for Investors. Remember these are all fun suggestions, not any type of financial advice. Happy Christmas!

    Disclaimer: Please note that these are the views of the writer, Jodi Pettersen, Distribution Specialist at eInvest and is not financial advice. The writer also holds an S&P500 ETF. To find out how to invest in our active ETFs, visit here. The product disclosure statement and more can be found at If you’d like to keep learning further, please feel free to follow any of our socials listed below.