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    Books, Baubles and Bubbles: My summer fun

    Summer is always a great time to start those new years resolutions. Whether that’s to shed some of those Covid kilos, start your investing journey or develop your knowledge in an area of interest. There is no better way to enlighten yourself through books, podcasts and maybe a short course or two. As with many, I have been mulling over a number of areas for learning in 2020 but never got to it (in between home schooling, staying sane and the like…). Last year I was upskilling myself in the angel investing sphere and this year a deep dive into data and its future is the area I’m going to put my mind towards over summer. This is how I’m going to go do it:



    If then: How the Simulmatics Corporation Invented the Future by Jill Lepore. This book is on one of the first data analytics company, Simulmatics, who realised the potential of data way back in the 1940s. I’m only half way through but I’m reading it to see the transition of data of yesteryear to today, particularly in the light of the Cambridge Analytica/facebook fiasco of last year. I’m super excited to see where this book takes me.

    No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention by Reed Hoffman and Erin Meyer – The story of building and maintaining of the culture within Netflix. I’ve recently finished this book. It was an easy read. Whilst I read it to understand the culture of Netflix and why it is so successful, I secretly laugh at the fact that it has rules for the fact that it has no rules. Ironic really. Highly recommended.


    A deep dive with others

    MIT AI and ML for Business Strategy: I am undertaking this 2 month course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning over summer to increase my knowledge in this area. I appreciate over the next 10-20 years AI and ML will be critical to the future of finance and I’m keen to understand how this will impact business strategy in my industry. I’m two weeks in and I’m amazed by the talent and global nature of my cohort. I’m looking forward to immersing myself in learning new things. Wish me luck!


    For you

    Prof-G Show: Professor Scott Galloway. I transitioned to this podcast as I really enjoy Scott on Pivot another tech related podcast he does with Journalist, Kara Swisher. This podcast is about strategy, marketing and dissecting the success or otherwise of high profile companies. Lots of profanities can be found throughout (I think of it as Scott’s passion bursting to the surface) but it’s always entertaining, enlightening and is a good laugh too.

    The Michelle Obama Podcast: Michelle Obama. Always a hit, I have enjoyed Michelle’s openness, humbleness and hearing about her journey from southside Chicago to First Lady of the US. She is personable and it is a really easy listen. I’m always taking something away.

    Planey Money: NPR. I listen to Planet Money reguarly as its short and sweet. But this one in particular has a great Christmas bent to it: the economics of Christmas Trees. Who knew about a supply glut 10 years ago led to a shortage of Christmas trees today. So funny. Enjoy.


    For the Kids

    Tumble; A science podcast for kids showcasing interesting science discoveries. I love to geek out with the kids on this one.

    The Fact Detectives: Museums Victoria’s podcast where Anika and Dexter go on a mission to uncover facts within their collections. Super cool for kiddies.

    The Past and the Curious: Mick Sullivan. A great little history podcast showcasing some unusual historical events from unusual angles. Love.


    I hope you have enjoyed this insight into what I’m planning to do over the Aussie summer. I’m really looking forward to taking some time off, relaxing on the beach and spending time with family and friends.

    Seasons Greetings – stay safe and be merry!


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