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How to invest

Active ETFs trade on the stock exchange, and there are three main ways to access the exchange:

Via an online broker

Online brokers are increasingly popular as a simple, DIY platform to manage exchange traded investments such as Active ETFs, Passive ETFs and shares. Popular online brokers include:

Already have an account? Great! Simply search the code of the Active ETF you wish to invest in e.g. EIGA or IMPQ and follow the prompts. The process is the same as investing in a single BHP or Westpac share.

Don’t have an account? Simply follow the sign-up procedures and once your account is active you can follow the steps above. Remember, you can use the one online broker account to make many investments in one place.

Via a traditional broker

Traditional brokers offer a more tailored service to their clients.

Examples of brokers include:

To execute and order through a traditional broker, call you broker and quote the code of the Active ETF you wish to invest in e.g. EIGA or IMPQ.

Via your financial adviser

Your financial adviser can probably help you invest into an Active ETF. Call or email them and quote the code (e.g. EIGA or IMPQ) and the amount you wish to invest. It’s that simple!

If you like we can send then an information pack designed for advisers so they can learn about the Active ETF.

Follow the prompts here for an automated email to be sent to them with all the details.