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eInvest Core Income Fund (Managed Fund) Ticker: ECOR

Aim beyond your term deposits with a simple tradeable solution. Invest in ECOR.

The cornerstone of your income needs

Make ECOR the cornerstone of your defensive portfolio


ECOR aims to provide you with a steady stream of income and capital stability over the medium term, by investing in a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities and cash, and to provide a total return (after fees) above the RBA Cash Rate measured within a market cycle.

Investor Profile

ECOR may be suitable for investors who are seeking regular, reliable income investment with capital security and an investment horizon of three or more years.

Fund Benefits
  • ECOR aims to provide you reliable, monthly income.
  • ECOR invests in cash and fixed income securities.
  • ECOR is targeting a benchmark of the RBA target cash rate +2%* p.a. (net of fees).
  • ECOR is an actively managed, well diversified portfolio of up to 100 quality issuers.
  • ECOR’s fundamental investment process is based on income generation and capital preservation.
  • The Investment Manager, Daintree Capital, has a strong track record of generating consistent, reliable income for clients via absolute return fixed income portfolios.
  • The active ETF exchange tradeable structure is easy, convenient and lower cost.

*The target is not guaranteed and is based on assumptions. Should these assumptions prove inaccurate this will change the final return outcome.

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Investment Manager

Daintree Capital is the investment manager of ECOR. Daintree is a boutique investment manager specialising in the construction of absolute return, income generating portfolios. Daintree’s key focus is to offer higher returns than what is generally available through banking and other cash products. The cornerstone of Daintree’s investment philosophy is capital preservation. Daintree Capital’s investment process is designed with the aim of delivering reliable income streams in most market conditions.

Daintree Capital focuses on:

  1. Provides you regular, reliable income.
  2. Making sure that ECOR has a high level of capital preservation.
  3. Making sure that ECOR portfolio is well diversified.

Aim beyond your cash management account or term deposit, towards a portfolio of high quality issuers previously only accessible to the institutional market and make ECOR a core part of your portfolio.

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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