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    Daintree Hybrid Opportunities Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX:DHOF). Coming soon.

    Diversification and income with DHOF


    DHOF aims to provide a steady stream of income over the medium term, by investing in a diversified portfolio of Australian and global hybrid securities and cash, and to provide a total return (after fees) that exceeds the RBA Cash Benchmark measured throughout a market cycle.

    Investor Profile

    DHOF may be suitable for investors with an investment horizon of three years or more, who are seeking income from a well-diversified portfolio of Australian and global hybrid securities.

    Fund Benefits
    • DHOF invests in an actively managed, diversified portfolio of cash and Australian and global hybrid securities
    • DHOF aims to exceed the benchmark of the RBA target cash rate (net of fees)
    • DHOF targets quarterly distributions (if adequate income is available)
    • DHOF demonstrates a pragmatic and risk averse investment approach
    • Daintree Capital has a track record of generating consistent, reliable income for clients via absolute return fixed income portfolios
    • DHOF generally holds a low duration position to take advantage of a low interest rate environment
    • DHOF is conveniently and easily tradeable on the ASX and can be directly linked to your HIN
    Risk Profile/Safety Rating

    Information on eInvest Target Market Determinations can be found here from 5th October 2021.


    eInvest has committed to plant one tree for each client invested in our funds, working with the OneTreePlanted initiative.



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    Fact Sheet & Important Documents
    DHOF Fact Sheet
    Fixed Income Fact Sheet
    Product Disclosure Statement
    DRP Plan
    Investment Manager

    Daintree Capital is the investment manager of DHOF. Daintree is a boutique investment manager specialising in the construction of absolute return, income generating portfolios. Daintree’s key focus is to offer higher returns than what is generally available through banking and other cash products. The cornerstone of Daintree’s investment philosophy is capital preservation. Daintree Capital’s investment process is designed with the aim of delivering reliable income streams in most market conditions.

    Daintree Capital focuses on:

    1. Providing you regular, reliable income
    2. Making sure that DHOF has a moderate level of capital preservation
    3. Making sure that DHOF portfolio is well diversified

    Aim to maximise your income generating assets via a portfolio of high quality global and Australian hybrids previously only accessible to the institutional market by investing in DHOF today.


    Management fee of 0.65% + 0.10% admin fee pa, inclusive of GST and RITC. No performance fees. Fees and costs as described in section 5 of the PDS will apply.

    See how DHOF has performed

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