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    ASX:DHOF: Fee free deal and strategy webinar 

    eInvest is excited to share their newest Active ETF ASX:DHOF. To reward early investors, those that invest in ASX:DHOF before 31 December 2021 receive the first 6 months of 2022 management fee free*. This webinar is your opportunity to find out more about the deal and decide whether ASX:DHOF is right for you.

    The Daintree Hybrid Opportunities Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX:DHOF) represents a new era in hybrid investing. Offering global and local hybrid exposure, enhanced diversification, advanced risk management, institutional active management and competitive fees, join this webinar to find out more about this new portfolio.

    Brad Dunn, Portfolio Manager, will cover:

    • The argument for global and local hybrids
    • How the Portfolio Managers manage risk, construct the portfolio and select securities to reach the target of 3.5-4.5 % p.a above the RBA cash rate
    • How ASX:DHOF compares to other hybrid alternatives
    • The key terms, features and details you need to know

    Webinar date: Tuesday 7 December at Sydney time.

    Q&A will be enabled so use this time to ask Brad your burning questions.

    Disclaimer: This webinar is for general information purposes and is not financial advice. Always seek your own advice and read the PDS and TMDs at  Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Read the PDS for full terms of the 6 month fee free deal. 

    Watch the recording here.

    Webinar date: 7 December 2021, 11am Sydney time

    About the speakers:

    Brad Dunn
    Brad Dunn
    Portfolio Manager, DHOF

    Brad Dunn commenced with Daintree in May 2017 as a Senior Credit Analyst. Prior to Daintree, Brad was with Ord Minnett for over 10 years.

    Brad’s most recent role at Ord Minnett was as Senior Analyst and Portfolio Manager in the Fixed Income team. In this role, Brad was responsible for the portfolio management of an income orientated portfolio and providing modelling and valuation analysis on listed interest rate securities. Brad would also undertake strategic asset allocation advice for Ord Minnett’s internal models.

    Brad also gained extensive experience as an equities analyst whilst at Ord Minnett, covering the consumer services, property, mining services, retail, technology and industrial sectors.

    Brad has a Bachelor of Economics, majoring in Economics and Finance, as well as a Master of Applied Finance both from Macquarie University. Brad has also completed Level 1 CFA.

    Brad’s analyst is an integral part of the suite of Active Fixed Income ETFs issued by eInvest, ECOR and EMAX. He is the portfolio manager for ASX:DHOF.

    Jodi Pettersen
    Jodi Pettersen
    Investor Relations, eInvest

    Jodi focuses on investor relations spanning across sales, client communications, product marketing, demand generation, brand, content, customer experience, events, content, automation and digital strategy and is the left handed creative weirdo at eInvest. Jodi’s experience spans 9 years, mostly in institutional funds management distribution having also sharpened her teeth in financial advisory and management consulting.

    Jodi is also an avid supporter of the arts and has the “very serious” role of “Bed Leader” at her local community garden.